“Amber was very helpful in giving me personalized feedback to my specific weaknesses as a writer. She is very encouraging and was excellent at maximizing my flow of ideas and creativity when I was writing my college applications. Along with this, Amber will make sure that you are using proper grammar and writing conventions, which was very beneficial. I would definitely recommend Amber if you are someone who is not confident in your writing, as Amber will give you the push needed to find your writing voice.” – E.K, Client

“Amber is very enthusiastic about what she does. She is always willing to take on new challenges and she is always available to teach and answer students’ questions.” – A.C, Colleague

“Amber is one of the most warm, responsible people I’ve ever known. She has never let us down! She’s also amazing with children. You and your families lives will be blessed and better for having Amber around. :-)” – J.Y, Client