Getting the Credit

I’m glad I decided to not become a government–”certified” teacher, though I considered it. Instead, I’m an alternative and independent tutor and mentor who is happy and successful because I get to think and act independently, from the strength of my internal compass, well-informed by the living world of bright and breathing evidence as to what is true education. Because I am free of this “certification” so lauded, I do my unrestrained work without threat of punishment from a state-regulated “education” system. I do put scare quotes around “education” as I do around “certification”. How much “education” is really happening where these mandates reign? How much liberation of the mind and true enlivening of the living, breathing, human spirit is witnessed? Yes, I challenge the belief –and it is a belief– that our public schools are so beneficial to even a majority of human beings who enter them.

I know that students learn best independently in this freedom of mind, body and spirit, too. I don’t have anything against government–”certified” teachers themselves, as people, but my use of quotes around the term “certified” is because I tire of the social-status monopolies dictating who gets to be recognized as worthy in their abilities to impart knowledge (and more importantly, wisdom) to students. Most government–”certified” teachers are amazingly skilled people who work miracles in their classrooms, but that has nothing to do with the state stamping them with its regulatory approval. Their greatness in teaching comes from the bravery of the human soul –another contraband idea these days– the same soul shared with The World. This greatness of soul on the part of the long-suffering common schoolteacher is not complimentary of the state’s training regime.

The same goes for we alternative teachers, tutors and mentors who, we feel, value intellectual freedom in our work more than the (understandable) desire for job-security provided by government certification. Both sets of people do remarkable work; we just do it in different ways. Forgive us alternative-types when we get tired of only government–stamped teachers getting the credit.


Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

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