A Student-Centered Way

The following letter is adapted from a correspondence with a parent of a seventeen-year-old student I have been tutoring.
Dear [Parent of Student],
Thank you for asking about my tutoring services in relation to the SAT. My educational specialty is in the more holistic side of writing and the humanities. I am certainly able to look over your son’s essay and help him gain proficiency in it based on the test’s prompts, but I am not a SAT specialist. There are some tutors who market themselves as SAT/ACT specialists, and they often charge $70-100 per hour, though they may not attune to the individual person who the student is, with their unique learning direction, personality, challenges and gifts. I find great happiness in choosing this “whole-person” school of thought as a professional educator. While I can and sometimes do work with a student’s score results from a standardized test, I do not overemphasize focus on that method of gauging a student’s abilities, nor do I teach or tutor “to the test”.
All that being said, I welcome and encourage you to send me a copy of his essay, if available, and whatever other relevant information about the test he took (which of the three different SATs was it?) and I would be happy to review it and work with him on it.
The great thing about the SAT’s essay portion is that they really are just looking for over-all good writing. This is often accomplished through the student-centered way I tutor, as much as (or more than) the test-centered methods of other tutoring styles.
I am looking forward to continuing to work with your son on his writing! I have seen him improve greatly already, gaining aptitude and stylistic clarity with the written word since beginning to work with him. I am available this coming week or on Saturday again. Let me know what day and time works best for you and for him.
Thank you!
Amber “MV” Valett
Big Dipper Tutoring & Writing LLC
website: bigdippertutoring.com

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